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Shop for forensics kits at STEM Supplies and let students experiment and piece together clues to solve mysteries!

Search for evidence, study it, and find answers while learning about forensics during crime-solving games in schools. Students use some of the same techniques the professionals use to unravel mysteries, making a real-world connection while studying in the classroom. Forensics is rooted in biology, chemistry, and physics and shows students how those in law enforcement use science to solve crimes. While conducting experiments, students can lift fingerprints from objects or search for DNA to find leads on potential suspects.

Key Benefits:

  • Students use critical thinking and scientific reasoning to solve a case.
  • Based on concepts from several fields of science including biology, chemistry, and physics.
  • Real world application: From podcasts to books and TV shows to movies, true crime is a popular genre. Embrace students’ natural curiosity by setting up a crime lab in the classroom to conduct investigations in a controlled environment. Set them up with the tools real crime scene investigators use.

Buy forensic science kits from STEM Supplies to encourage students to think critically while searching for answers.