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Shop for makerspace storage and furniture at STEM Supplies to create a welcoming learning space!

Furnish your space with tables, desks, and seats that encourage collaboration between students. Students can gather around tables to brainstorm the project at hand, then they can move to a desk during a breakout session. Active seats keep bodies moving and minds on-task as students sway, rock, and balance.

Whether you need to organize tablets, tools, printers, or safety glasses, find convenient storage options for makerspace areas at STEM Supplies. Specialized carts are a great option for transporting equipment between classrooms or makerspaces throughout a school to inspire students. Some workstations also include built-in storage to keep supplies readily at hand. Stationary cubbies and cabinets let teachers create a dedicated storage area for tools and supplies in a makerspace.

Buy tables, seating, and storage from STEM Supplies to keep your makerspace organized and tidy!