Master Forensics Kits

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Turn into a criminal investigator and rely on forensics to observe and discover the truth at mock crime scenes.

Combining truncated versions of Analysis of Fingerprints, Soil Analysis, Hair Analysis, Analysis of Documents, and Analysis of Drugs and Poisons Kits, this expansive forensics kit for kids has students solving crimes in real-world settings by observing clues, asking questions, and investigating their teachers. First young CSI investigators learn basic forensics techniques, then they engage in the ultimate hands-on activity. Watch the included video to set the crime scene, then analyze fingerprint, drug, hair, and document evidence collected from faculty cast members to solve 1 of 4 complex murder scenarios using scientific reasoning! Activity Kit includes instructor's manual, flash drives, reproducible student worksheets, faculty cast list, hair and soil samples, chromatography tubes, aluminum powder, reagents, and other materials for crime scene evidence for 24 students working in groups of 4. Refill Kit includes all non-reusable experiment materials to replenish Activity Kit for further experimentation. Full contents lists below. Microscopes, chemical splash goggles, UV light, oven or heat lamp, balance scale, 36 large test tubes, 6 ten ml graduated cylinders, 6 evaporating dishes, gloves, and lab aprons required, not included. Recommended for Middle School and up.

Activity Kit includes:

Aluminum Foil Sheet, 1 Ea

Nitrile Gloves, 1 Ea

Tape, 2 Ea

Super Glue (0.07 oz), 3 Ea

Ink Pads, 3 Ea

Jars w/ Induction Seal Caps (60 cc), 6 Ea

Teaspoons, 6 Ea Metal, 6 Ea Plastic

Wax Pencils, 6 Ea

Zip Lock Bags (6"W x 9"L), 8 Ea

Zip Lock Bags (6" x 6"), 10 Ea

Magnifying Glasses, 6 Ea

Plastic Forceps (5"L), 6 Ea

Paint Brushes, 6 Ea

String (144"L), 1 Ea

Aluminum Powder, 1 Ea

ACS Grade Acetone, 2 Ea

ACS Grade 95% Denatured Ethanol, 1 Ea

ACS Grade Butanol, 1 Ea

Lugol's Solution, 1 Ea

Soil (1/2 cup), 6 Ea

Soil w/ Calcium Carbonate, 6 Ea

Soil Sample D (2/3 cup), 6 Ea

Topsoil (2/3 cup), 18 Ea

Universal Indicators, 2 Ea

Universal Indicator Color Charts, 6 Ea

Chromatography Paper Strips, 100 Ea

Polarized Film (50 mm x 50 mm), 12 Ea

Glass Vials, 6 Ea

Black Permanent Markers (Fine), 3 Ea

Black Washable Markers, 3 Ea

Black Water Color Markers, 3 Ea

Black Stick Pens (Bic), 3 Ea

Black Stick Pens, 3 Ea

Black Pens, 3 Ea

Ninhydrin, 1 Ea

Kemtec Box (18ΒΌ"L x 11?"W x 3?"H), 1 Ea

Refill Kit includes:

Die Cut Foam, 1 Ea

Soil (1/2 cup), 6 Ea

Soil with Calcium Carbonate, 6 Ea

Soil with Sand and fluoresce, 6 Ea

Topsoil (2/3 cup), 13 Ea

Universal Indicator, 2 Ea

Clear Nail Polish, 1 Ea

Super Glue (0.07 oz), 3 Ea

Plastic Zip Lock Bag (6" x 9"), 24 Ea

Plastic Zip Lock Bag (3" x 5"), 24 Ea