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Buy robotics kits from STEM Supplies to motivate students to work together to code robots!

From automobiles to airplanes and medicine to artificial intelligence, the effect of robotics is reaching farther than ever before. Students can identify problems in everyday life, then work together to find creative solutions.

Robotics serves as an excellent tool to build teamwork and improve communication skills as students work together to code their robots to perform tasks. They need to collaborate and find solutions to problems or have the bot carry out a particular mission. Discover the power and potential in pocket-sized Ozobot robots. They may be small, but they are big on potential for elementary students and up.

Key Benefits:

  • Builds collaboration and communication skills through team projects.
  • Supports students at a variety of learning levels.
  • Plays a key role in promoting 21st century skills.
  • Real world application: Careers in robotics are ever expanding and used in a wide variety of industries! Some roles include robotics engineers who design, build, and test robots; robotics software developers that program the robot’s sensors and functions; and robotics researchers that work to find new and innovative ways to use robots to advance their functionality.

Study robotics through engaging and practical projects from STEM Supplies!