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Shop for classroom drone kits at STEM Supplies and let lessons about technology take flight!

Provide students with the tools they need to see the world from a new angle using drones for schools. Introducing them to unmanned aerial systems during lessons sparks an interest in the technology that’s playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives.

Various levels of complexity make it easy to find the best drones for your classes. Pre-built drones that are ready out of the box are ideal for younger students learning the basics of flight and increasing their spatial awareness. To create a more immersive experience for middle- and high-school students, check out more configurable drones that students build and code themselves.

Key Benefits:

  • Hands-on experience with gadgets in a growing field of technology.
  • Encourage problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Indoor and outdoor options available to accommodate lessons and space available.
  • Real world application: Drones are used in law enforcement, military, real estate, photography, meteorology, and transportation.

Buy drones from STEM Supplies to inspire curiosity and awareness in a tool will continue to impact students’ lives and expand into the future!