Renewable Energy

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Shop for renewable energy kits for students at STEM Supplies to show students how to create electricity from the sun, wind, and water!

Hands-on renewable energy experiments let students see for themselves how to create devices that harness and transform natural resources into usable energy. They witness the benefit of renewable energy while building a wind turbine that powers a light, a hydrogen-powered fuel cell that propels a car, or a solar panel that can charge a phone. Through the process, teachers can highlight how this form of energy can help promote a cleaner and healthier environment, while also reducing some types of air pollution often attributed to non-renewable sources.

Jobs in renewable energy are expected to continue to rise as more people, corporations, and countries look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. This means there is an incredible opportunity for students to learn how to invent and create new source of clean energy.

Key Benefits:

  • Understand the transformation of energy from natural or renewable resources into electricity.
  • Learn the difference between renewable sources (solar, wind, hydro) and non-renewable sources (oil and coal).
  • Discover how the use of renewable energy affects the environment.
  • Real world application: The renewable energy career field is ever evolving! Current opportunities include developing new ways to harness the wind as a wind energy engineer, overseeing the installation of renewable energy projects as a renewable energy consultant, and ensuring a smooth installation of solar farms as a solar project manager.

Buy renewable energy kits for schools from STEM Supplies and let students discover how to capture and harness power from nature!