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Provide an immersive platform for creative expression with virtual reality and video production equipment from STEM Supplies!

Digital media is a big part of today’s society and plays a vital role in various industries. Introducing these skills to students helps them understand how it is produced and creates a connection with the content. Proficiency in video production can improve communication skills and collaboration abilities as students work together to generate digital media.

Virtual reality sets take digital media another step further by providing an immersive experience that transports students across the country, world, or space! They can practice critical thinking and problem-solving during simulations, then repeat the scenarios until they master them. VR sets also accommodate a wide variety of learners of varying abilities.

Key Benefits

  • Video production encourages collaboration as students work together to create content.
  • Virtual reality provides a dynamic environment in which students can visit far-off places, go back in time, or conduct experiments during simulations.
  • Both are adaptable to student proficiency and ability.
  • Real world application: Digital creators are everywhere and have a big impact on students’ lives. Learning how to produce videos can help them learn more about this growing field in media. Meanwhile, virtual reality expands the learning potential and lets students experience places or times in history that may otherwise be out of reach.

Buy gear from STEM Supplies to set up your own video production lab and virtual reality experiences!