Hydraulics & Pneumatics

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Purchase hydraulics kits from STEM Supplies and let students explore the power and force produced by water!

From machines on construction sites and rides at amusement parks to office chairs and car brakes, hydraulic systems are in use all around us! STEM kits supply students with the gear they need to create hydraulic robots, cranes, and cars, giving them an insider’s look at how to build heavy-lifting machines and the many benefits they provide.

Hydraulics systems are similar to a lever in that when force is applied to one end, it lifts a heavier object on the other end. But a big difference is that hydraulics can be used around corners! While building machines, students see how applying force to one cylinder or syringe applies greater force to the other end of the system to move a robotic arm or lift a heavy object. They can also experiment with pneumatic systems to witness the power of compressed air.

Key Benefits:

  • Creative kits and lessons let students see how hydraulics systems use an incompressible fluid to transmit force from one point to another.
  • Systems that depend on hydraulics are often simple, safe, and economical because they use fewer moving parts than mechanical and electrical methods.
  • Real world application: Students can see hydraulics at work on construction sites while machines move large pieces of equipment and building supplies, on airplanes as a pilot uses hydraulics to move the flaps on wings and rudders, or when lightly stepping on the brakes to stop a car.

Shop for interactive pneumatic and hydraulics kits at STEM Supplies to discover how they amplify applied force to achieve goals!