Electricity & Circuits

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See science in action as students use circuit kits from STEM Supplies to learn the difference between electric currents, energy, and voltage!

Electric currents play a vital role in many things around us. Whether it’s flipping a switch to turn on lights, pressing a button to turn on a computer monitor, or connecting several strings of lights, we all experience the effects of circuits in many ways.

Students can start projects by building circuits with a battery and conducting wires to illuminate a light. As skills progress, they can build more advanced circuits by incorporating motors, sensors, capacitors, relays, resistors, and transistors. Through the process, they see how design, problem solving, and spatial orientation all work together during electrical circuit activities. Kits also let students experiment with various conductive materials and build circuits using wires, conductive ink, conductive thread, or by snapping pieces together.

Key Benefits:

  • Electric current is the overall movement of charged particles in one direction.
  • To relay an electric current, you need a continuous circuit that connects from one terminal of a batter to the other.
  • Real world application: Just about anything students use during the day relies on a circuit. Take a look around the house or classroom and identify various circuits such as the lights, a fan, or the speaker system used for school announcements.

Buy circuit kits from STEM Supplies to enlighten students about circuits and how they transfer energy!