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Buy engineering kits from STEM Supplies to improve learning through hands-on, project-based activities! 

Whether it’s building bridges, creating a faster racecar, or developing new ways to generate renewable energy, engineering is an important part of our daily lives. STEM engineering activities help students better understand real-world problems while enhancing their problem-solving skills, teamwork abilities, critical and creative thinking, and communication skills.

Kits focused on engineering for kids include lessons and projects that are fun and engaging for students at many levels. They can start by experimenting with different types of simple machines, and then they can learn how to combine simple machines into complex machines. Students can also discover how to incorporate hydraulics into their creations to make them move. Force and motion also play a big role in interactive engineering projects. Students will experiment with various types of materials while building bridges, towers, and vehicles. Engineering also allows students to experiment with renewable energy as they learn how to harness energy from various sources.

Key Benefits:

  • Engineering lessons help students build on skills used in other STEM subjects such as science and math. 
  • Projects focused on engineering build teamwork skills as students learn how to collaborate and share ideas. 
  • Real world application: Trained engineers help solve many obstacles we face, while also driving the global economy. They aim to improve our lives by creating such things as new modes of transportation, creating stronger buildings, and developing life-saving medical devices. 

Shop for engineering activities and lessons at STEM Supplies to show students the importance of critical thinking and creative problem solving.