Comprehensive STEM programs designed to bring innovative products into classrooms and connect to real world STEM principles.

Our new Start to STEM kits are the latest in kinesthetic learning solutions. Each kit is designed to support teachers in STEM instruction from beginning to end by including all the necessary supplies, curriculum, and training needed for successful STEM lessons. In addition to engaging STEM equipment, you will find a comprehensive curriculum manual with lesson plans laid out by each day of instruction. Additionally, all curriculum manuals align with the Next Generation Science Standards.

You can also add a virtual Professional Development training option to your kit. This half day training will connect you with a STEM expert who will take you through the best practices for teaching the lessons in your kit.

For more information or to book your training, call us at 1-855-826-4528.

What's in a kit?

Engaging STEM Products

  • Equipment for a class size of 24
  • Centralized around a core STEM topic area
  • Reusable for years to come

Engaging STEM Products

  • Aligned to national education standards
  • Scalable across different grade levels
  • Includes lessons, vocabulary, equipment instructions, student worksheets, and more!

Virtual Professional Development

  • Live virtual training with a STEM expert
  • Expanded overview of equipment and activities
  • Opportunity to learn best practices in using the equipment and teaching real-world applicable STEM lessons