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Buy magnet experiments from STEM Supplies to show students the essential roles magnets play in our everyday lives!

You often hear that that opposites attract. That is certainly true with magnets! Through a series of magnet activities, students discover how magnets have a north and a south pole and see how they attract one another. They can also watch as likes repel each other as two north poles will not connect. Students can also experiment with and learn about the three kinds of magnets—permanent, temporary, and electromagnetic—as they explore the important role magnets play in construction equipment, around the school in computers, or at the doctor’s office in MRI machines. Magnet kits for teachers and students include everything needed to see how magnets work and sort materials according to what’s magnetic and what’s not.

Key Benefits:

  • A magnet is an object that has a magnetic field and attracts or repels items.
  • Magnets are available in all shapes and sizes. Students can experiment with button, bar, and horseshoe magnets while working up to building their own electromagnet.
  • Real world application: Magnets play a big role in our lives. They are essential in electronics such as computer chips and CDs. You also rely on magnets when navigating because a compass works to match the Earth’s magnetic field.

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