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Purchase sports-themed STEM curriculum kits from STEM Supplies to blend classroom skills with real-life athletics!

Explore the engineering behind sports equipment, learn the mechanics of shooting a basketball, and study the force behind kicking a soccer ball! Teaching sport skills with STEM principles lets students have fun and stay active while learning. The project-based curriculum integrates STEM skills into strategic, fast-paced sports basics. Students see firsthand how different materials affect momentum and how technological advancements impact games.

Key Benefits:

  • Combines STEM learning and sports skills to develop critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.
  • Explore the main principles of STEM during activities such as exploring the force and momentum needed to throw a ball, investigating how technology has helped sports, how the engineering of sports gear has evolved, and improve math skills while tracking scores.
  • Real world application: As sports change, the equipment needed to play them and keep players safe changes at the same time. Students can experiment with sports balls made of different materials to see how they react differently. Technological advancements have also enhanced safety with such items as new helmets and padding.

Shop for kits at STEM Supplies to combine STEM skills with sports skills!