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Focus on the study of shapes and the space around them with geometry sets from STEM Supplies!

Geometry is all around us! Take a closer look at the structure of a honeycomb, the various buildings along a city block, or the angles used in a piece of art, geometry plays a part in advancing many areas of STEM.

The geometric tools in our kits help students explore math concepts as they plot points on an axis board, create patterns using shapes, or use rulers and protractors to measure angles. Hands-on projects make lessons more interactive and encourage teamwork.

Key Benefits:

  • Essential for helping students understand spatial relationships.
  • Investigate the properties of two-dimensional (flat) shapes and three-dimensional shapes.
  • Real world application: Learning geometry benefits individuals in many areas of life. Whether it is identifying a road sign based on its shape, determining if a piece of furniture will fit in a specific spot by calculating its area, or recognizing the roles various shapes play on sports fields.

Shop for geometry sets at STEM Supplies to add activity and increase engagement in your classroom!