Unplugged Coding

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Build a foundation in computer science with screen-free coding kits from STEM Supplies!

Introducing coding for kids doesn’t have to require using screens. Instead, teachers can engage students through the power of play, while also familiarizing them with the practices and critical thinking involved in coding. Simple, screenless lessons create an engaging introduction to coding, teaches students about cause and effect, and improves communication skills through teamwork.

Key Benefits

  • Learn about logic, sequencing, programming, and repetition.
  • Requires creativity and critical thinking to solve problems.
  • Improve hand/eye coordination as students use their hands to manipulate objects.
  • Real world application: From the ability to send a text to browsing social media or playing a videogame, coding is used in so many areas of our lives. Learning the basics of coding and getting an early introduction to digital literacy builds a strong foundation in computer science.

Buy screen-free coding kits from STEM Supplies and introduce a great skill students can build on in the future!