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Shop for force and motion activities at STEM Supplies to see how they work together to keep objects moving or stay still!

Whether kicking or bouncing a ball, launching beanbags, or racing cars down a track, the influence of force and motion is all around us. While conducting a series of experiments with physics kits, students see for themselves how factors such as gravity, friction, and pressure impact their lives and keep everything around them in motion.

Incorporating concepts of Newton’s Laws of Motion into lessons lets students perform experiments that show them how force and motion are related. Start with the first law to see how an object at rest stays at rest. When investigating the second law, students can see how the magnitude of force and mass of an object affect acceleration. And finally, they can investigate how every action has an equal and opposite reaction through activities regarding Newton’s third law.

Key Benefits:

  • Students see the immediate effects of force and how to use it to push or pull an object.
  • Discover the amount of power force has to make items move, change direction, or even change shape.
  • A broad range of activities are ideal for focused, individual learning in the classroom or for involving the entire class with high-action activities on the playground or in the gym.
  • Real world application: The physics of force and motion play a big part in many careers including airline pilots, safety engineers looking for ways to reduce accidents, and kinesiologists as they study how bodies move.

Shop for kits at STEM Supplies to discover how force and motion work together while inspiring creativity and problem solving.