Crime Scene Kit

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Search the scene for clues, interpret the facts, and form a persuasive case through scientific research!

Become a crime scene detective and learn how to properly search for clues without disrupting the scene. Students map the scene; analyze crime scene trash, hair, and soil; and interpret police evidence to identify a suspect. As students search for evidence, they make factual interpretations and determine what may have been removed from the scene by a suspect. From samples to glass slides and sifting screens, the kit includes everything young crime scene investigators need. Graduated cylinders, test tubes, rulers, markers, paper, white paper, and water required, not included. Kit is ideal for up to 24 students working in groups of 6. Recommended for Upper Elementary and up.

Kit includes:

Instructor Manual

Student Investigation Packets

Graph Paper

Glass Slides

Cover Slips

Mounting Media

Universal Indicator Solution

Sifting Screen

Soil Samples

Hair Samples

Rope Samples

Molding Clay

Trash Evidence (including 9 trace evidence samples)

Plastic Spoons

Magnifying Glasses