BluTrack Coasters & Motion Kit

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Complete set with multiple tracks and ramps gets an entire class experiencing physics and engineering as cars coast through a model racetrack!

Blend engineering with concepts of force and Newton's Laws of Motion as students coast miniature cars through twists, turns, loops, and jumps. Students participate in project-based learning as they set up racetracks that snake around the classroom using included kit pieces. They're challenged to investigate problems and answer questions about gravity, inertia, and more. What made their car go faster, slower, or fly off the rails? Students learn by experience as they tweak their tracks and make connections between those changes and their car's behavior. Illustrated Teacher's Guide includes seven lessons and makes setup a breeze. Kit includes 4 EP Tracks (18'), 4 Packs of 4 Ramps, 4 Structure Insert Kits, 12 Anchor Bars, and Teacher's Guide. Middle School and up.