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Balancing ACTion Balance Beam Kits

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Experiment with balance and stability while carrying various loads suspended on a bar!

In this expansive science kit, students engage in balancing experiments with changing variables to define center of mass and moment of inertia. To begin, set up the balance beam in an open area with plenty of space to move about and blend activity with hands-on learning. Have students cross the beam on their own first, then cross with a balance bar held at various heights. Conduct advanced experiments by adding buckets of weighted beanbags to the bar. What happens when you increase the weight or add different amounts of weight to each end? Students will think critically to compare results and discuss when it was the easiest to remain steady.

Two versions of this kit customize the experience for younger and older scientists. The Beginner Kit includes a balance beam that is 94"L x 4"H x 4"W top and 6"W non-slip base for enhanced stability. The antimicrobial vinyl-covered high-density foam construction folds in half for convenient storage. Advanced Kit replaces the beam with a nylon slackline that supports 250 lb. Ratchet to two solid objects for safety. Both feature lesson direction that is adaptable for grades K-4 and 5-8. The included lesson direction details setup instructions, activities by grade level, learning objectives, and teaching suggestions to expand lessons. Full contents lists below. Recommended for Elementary and up.

Kit Options:

  • Beginner Kit. Includes:
    • Balance Beam (94"L x 4"H x 4-6"W, 12 lb), 1 Ea
    • Balance Bars (45”L, 1 lb), 2 Ea
    • Clear Buckets (6-1/2” dia x 8-3/4”H), 4 Ea
    • Rainbow Nylon Beanbags (5” sq), 4 Sets of 6
    • Lesson Direction
  • Advanced Kit. Includes:
    • Slackline (56’L), 1 Ea
    • Balance Bars, 2 Ea
    • Clear Buckets, 4 Ea
    • Rainbow Nylon Beanbags, 4 Sets of 6
    • Lesson Direction