BluTrack Junk Yard Challenge Kit

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Test students' ingenuity with items found all over the classroom to complete a high-speed engineering challenge!

Teams of students collaborate to use everyday supplies and materials to create the best model racetrack and race miniature cars! Using anything they can find in the classroom, chairs, tables, and books, student combine these items to support the flexible 50'L PVC track. Easily customize science projects, after-school activities, or club competitions by cutting the track to a desired length! Test problem-solving skills by adding or removing supplies deemed acceptable as groups design their tracks. Online course materials allow students to answer questions about variables that affect their car and explore how forces like gravity apply to real life. Durable track is designed specifically for educational use, allowing for more robust creations! Kit includes track (50'L), structure wire (50'L), 3 structure insert kits, 12 anchor bars, 10 ramps, and 1 hanger. Recommended for Upper Elementary and up.