3D Pentominoes

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Study compound shapes and geometric relationships using 3D models!

Mathematics and critical thinking collide in this fun pentominoes game where students interact with 3D foam shapes. Discuss the composition of a pentomino – a 3D object with five squares or cubes – then experience them through hands-on activity. They’ll use pentominoes to create compound shapes and understand geometric relationships as they use spatial reasoning to assemble cubes, complex shapes, and fun designs like animals. Lesson direction features teacher worksheets that provide a visual starting point for students to complete the task. Polyurethane foam pentominoes are constructed of 12 variations of five 6" x 6" cubes. Complete Set includes 12 pentominoes and lesson direction. 15 lb.

Increase the learning potential with a set of puzzle cards (sold separately). Laminated, double-sided cards (5”L x 3-1/2”W) feature the outline of a challenge shape on one side without colors, the other side displays the solution with the colors of the pentominoes needed to complete it. This helps students build visual perceptual skills as kids arrange the pieces. Recommended for Upper Elementary.