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MathemActive Five Field Kono Game

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A giant version of a popular strategy game gets students active while developing spatial reasoning and abstract thinking skills.

Place the large grid mat on the floor, designate each side a color, and place the corresponding plastic cones on the dark spots. Students take turns moving 1 cone at a time diagonally to an unoccupied vertex, the point where 2 straight lines meet to make a corner. Cones can move the length of 1 square per turn and cannot stay in starting spots to block. Play continues until a student moves all 7 of their cones to the dark spots on the opposite side of the mat.

The included lesson direction details multiple options for game play, including math lessons on geometry and calculating distance. While strategy games for kids promote problem solving and thinking outside the box, they also enhance social skills as players learn how to communicate, and accept winning & losing appropriately.

The durable vinyl mat rolls up for easy transport and compact storage. Group Set includes 1 mat (60” x 60”), 14 cones (9”H, 7 ea blue, green), and lesson direction. The entire set is 7 lb. Class Set includes 4 mats and 56 cones (28 ea blue, green). Recommended for Elementary and up.

Click here to view a sample of the included lesson directions.