STEM VR and High Tech Kit for Social Emotional Learning

Direct Ship, Expected Ship Date 05/30/2024
Unit:  Ea

Bring STEAM concepts to life and VR in the classroom with this high-tech kit for SEL.

Comprised of three individual sets and an HD action camera, students will be enthralled by the world of broadcasting, film making, animation, and more. This kit exposes users to real-world technology, from microphones and tripods to green screens and VR game-building software!

In addition to learning about technology through hands-on experience, a focus on Social-Emotional Learning activities allows students to acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to develop healthy identities, manage emotions, and make responsible and caring decisions.

The kit includes a variety of resources, including free downloadable lesson plans, worksheets, teacher's guides, evaluation rubrics and more – all aligned to required standards. What better way to introduce STEAM and SEL in the classroom and beyond?

This comprehensive and convenient solution includes the following products:

HB Green Screen Production Set

Use a green screen to create engaging and professional looking broadcasts, presentations, and short movies! A highly saturated green screen allows students to blend into any scene or background with astonishing realism—whether fantastical or real-world. Includes 2 Ea HD webcams and 2 Ea software licenses.

Animate-It! Stop-Motion Animation Set with Webcam

Introduce students to animation with this intuitive software interface. Easy doesn't mean simple, though. Powerful features will have young animators creating stop-motion features in no time! Students can import audio, still photos and video to create with. Includes 2 Ea HD gooseneck webcams with non-slip base and 2 animation software licenses.

VR Quest Virtual Reality Game-Building Platform Set

Build fully immersive games in virtual reality to recreate historic places, characters, environments, and events. Connect a world of the past with the present while developing present-day skills and competencies. Fun and educational! Then, share your game with other students around the world. Includes 5 individual licenses.

ActionPro Camcorder

This slim, sleek, and easy-to-use video camera is perfect for any age, helping students find their voice from behind the lens. It captures in stunning 2688 x 1520 video with image-stabilization, face-detection, and built-in LED flash for a professional look. The 30-megapixel, 8.0M CMOS sensor, 18x digital zoom and rotating 3" IPS viewing panel all help students produce HD videos and still images in or outside the classroom.

Set includes:

  • HB Green Screen Production Kit, 2 Ea
  • Animate-It! Stop-Motion Animation Kit with Webcam, 2 Ea
  • VR Quest Virtual Reality Game-Building Platform, 5 Ea
  • ActionPro Camcorder, 2 Ea