RobotLab Virtual Reality Packs

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VR kits transport your students around the world for experiential lessons in science, technology and math—without ever leaving the classroom!

Bring your lessons to life, enthralling students with believable expeditions to landmarks, museums, shipwrecks, and even outer space. You could talk about the Great Wall of China with a textbook, or you could take your students to the wall itself and let their eyes follow its staggering course as it snakes past the horizon! The teacher's tablet and prompts throughout each expedition address specific points of interest and track students' viewing location with smiley faces. Teachers can also pause trips for discussion, play ambient sounds for a more realistic experience, and allow students to explore landmarks on their own. Packs are custom-built for Google Expeditions, and include everything you need for 10-20 students to explore a whole new world.

Standard Sets include a teacher tablet, VR student viewers and phones (viewers require phones to operate), chargers, a router, and carrying case for 10 or 20 devices. Advanced Sets replace standard viewers with high-quality headsets that eliminate cables, a phone, or PC to work and understand a student's movements without requiring external sensors. Advanced Sets also include controllers and earphones for a custom student experience, a brand-new 360° camera so students can create their own VR tours and content, and carrying case. Recommended for Elementary and up.

The included printed and digital curriculum aligns to NGSS and CCSS.

View full contents list for Standard and Advanced Kits.