Alternative Energy Education Lab

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Power up your curriculum with project-based experiments on hydro, wind, and solar renewable energy sources!

This comprehensive electricity lab allows students to build two small-scale wind or hydro turbines that output alternating or direct current. Once complete, they allow students to witness tangible evidence of electricity by powering an LED light or buzzer. Students can adjust the blades and even design their own blades, then hypothesize how these design changes will affect power output and check their work with a multimeter! Hydro paddles allow students to switch from wind to water, allowing for another set of intriguing experiments. Solar Panel shines light on a whole new type of renewable electricity generation (7.2 Volts, 144 Watts). Students apply lessons to real life through experiments like rectifying AC to DC, which powers everything from smartphones to car stereos. Kit includes required pieces for two AC or DC wind or hydro turbines and digital access to build instructions and course material. Additional Solar Panel sold separately. Elementary and up.

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.