Solar Science Station Kit

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Use the power of the sun to create a charging port for your own gadgets!

Skip the wall charger and build your own solar charger to harness the sun's rays! Through a series of tests, students learn how the angle of the solar panel and the time of day affects the power output. Track the voltage on the LED display. Students can even use this unit to charge devices via a USB port. To begin, students assemble the station by first identifying positive and negative wires and assemble the connections. Then line up the precisely laser-cut tabs on the wooden sides and secure with screws. The 6V 200mA solar cell sits on a panel that adjusts to 90°, 45°, or 0°. Degree measurements are engraved into the side and will not wear off. Kit includes 1 solar panel, 1 terminal block, 1 voltmeter, 1 USB port, 2 output ports, 3 wires, wooden pieces and nuts for the enclosure, and digital access to lesson plans. Recommended for Middle School and up.

Kit includes:

  • 6V 200mA Solar Panel, 1 Ea
  • Terminal Block, 1 Ea
  • LED Voltmeter, 1 Ea
  • USB Circuit, 1 Ea
  • Banana Sockets/Output Ports, 2 Ea
  • Wires, Set of 3 (2 Ea Red, 1 Ea Black)
  • Laser Cut Wood Enclosure w/ Screws and Nuts, 1 Set