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Buy sensor kits from STEM Supplies to incorporate real-world technology into lessons about variables!

Sensors are great tools that help students collect data that might otherwise be hard to obtain. Students can use sensors to measure motion, force, velocity, light, magnetic fields, and weather. Projects using sensors provide students with fast feedback for immediate data analysis, allowing them to engage in research the same way as scientists in the real world. Teachers can use sensors to create a lab station to measure weather outside their classroom, or they can send them home with students to measure light or magnetic fields and compare them with others in the class.

Key Benefits:

  • Sensors are very precise when taking measurements and require little skill in reading the results.
  • Data can be instantly displayed on devices or stored in sensors for later analysis.
  • Real world application: Sensors are in use all around us! Mobile phones use an acoustic sensor, also known as a microphone. Cameras rely on optical sensors to record images. GPS receivers are tiny sensors that receive radio signals from satellites to help guide you.

Shop for sensor experiment kits from STEM Supplies to quickly collect and analyze data!