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Engaging physical and digital set creates interactive lessons that give students hands-on experiences with chemistry!

Use this fun and engaging set to create interactive lessons that give students hands-on, visual experiences with chemistry. Students use the magnetic elemental pieces to build atoms, then combine them to make molecules. The app brings the 3D models to life, helping students identify the molecules they built and discover their uses. Scan molecules to learn about their bonds and geometry, as well as its use in everyday life. Flexible electrons connect to the nuclei, and after combining two or more nuclei to form a molecule, students take a picture of it to identify their molecular creation. Atomic symbols are printed on each nucleus to clearly identify the element. All sets include a manual with lessons, activity ideas, and full contents list. Recommended for Middle School and up.

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  • Intro Set creates 17 atoms from 6 elements. Includes 18 pieces.
  • Class Set creates 50 atoms and 16 elements. Includes 52 pieces.
  • Educator's Bundle includes 5 Class Sets. Includes 250 pieces.