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Study the building blocks of life and gain a better understanding of the world around you with kits from STEM Supplies!

Gain insight into how the human body functions, as well as other living organisms, with engaging biology kits. Through hands-on projects, students build insight into how the ever-changing world around them works, from the microscopic to global level.

Chemistry sets take science a bit further by examining the atoms, molecules, and ions that make up everything around us, including our own bodies. Students are able to better understand the composition of matter, see how substances interact, and study the results of chemical reactions. Chemistry for kids is rewarding and engaging, while also inspiring curiosity and critical thinking.

Key Benefits:

Biology introduces students to the structure, function, evolution, and distribution of living organisms.
Chemistry is the study of matter, taking a closer look at its properties, composition, and interaction with other matter and energy.
Real world application: Biology and chemistry are beneficial for students preparing for roles as medical professionals as they work better understand how the body functions, agriculturists trying to improve the output of crops, and forensic scientists attempting to discover clues at crime scenes.

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