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Shop for STEM math activities at STEM Supplies to make math visual while developing problem-solving skills. 

Math experiments make the subject more visual, allowing students to build problem-solving skills and develop analytical thinking through project-based learning. Mathematics manipulatives provide a physical representation of concepts as students learn about angles, patterns, ratios, and scale.

Math is a universal language that is understood throughout the world. From writing code to splitting a bill or telling what time it is, math is involved in many careers and aspects in our daily lives. Many STEM fields, such as the sciences and engineering, require extensive knowledge in mathematics to create accurate measurements during projects and experiments.

Key Benefits:

  • Math skills help develop problem-solving skills and promote analytical thinking. 
  • Knowledge of math is required in many fields of studies, including the components of STEM. 
  • Real world application: Math plays an important role in many parts of our lives. It allows a cashier to provide the correct change to a customer, a worker to count parts along an assembly line, a scientist to test a hypothesis, or a computer programmer to create the next big app! 

Shop at STEM Supplies to find the interactive math projects you need for engaging classroom lessons!