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LearnLauncher Catapult Set

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Explore why the catapult has been used for thousands of years with this life-size, interactive version!

Get all ages and groups of all sizes immersed in the STEM experience! At almost 3' tall, LearnLauncher provides larger than life lessons as students vary the amount of force to launch a variety of items! Lightweight yet durable ABS construction allows it to go almost anywhere—place it in the center of a gym, common area, or take it outside to the playground or field and get a hands-on experience as precision and accuracy are tested. Students use the included resistance tubing to discover how the combination of force and angle determines how far the beanbags fly when launched. Light, medium, and heavy resistance levels provide ample opportunity for trial and error. Students also uncover more about science through physics, engineering through evaluating the design, and math through measuring the height and distance of projectiles. But launching beanbags is just the beginning! Challenge students to hypothesize how far other classroom items will travel. Will something lighter go farther with more resistance? Or less resistance? A 10’L tether release allows students to stand a safe distance away from the catapult, while also keeping them close to the action for optimal observation.

Set includes LearnLauncher (70"L x 27½"W x 32½"H; 25½ lb), 8 resistance loops (4 ea light; 2 ea medium, heavy), 12 beanbags, and lesson direction. Patented.

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