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Alternative Energy Class Pack

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Prepare the entire class for a brighter, greener future with comprehensive learnings on alternative energy!

First, students can explore the power of wind by building their own wind turbines and test the impact of blade pitch, shape, and size. They can also transform these turbines from air- to water-powered by swapping out flat blades with hydro paddles. Additionally, they can design their own blades, using these examples to power an LED or buzzer.

Take your class outside to explore the power of the sun with the Solar Science Station Kit. Students will build their own solar charger to harness the sun's rays, ultimately using the unit to charge devices through a USB port. Finally, students can explore electrochemistry reactions, by producing electricity from the air and water around them. Using these fuel cells to design a small hydrogen-powered model car. This pack includes everything you need for a class of up to 24 students working in small groups.

The Alternative Energy Education Labs have NGSS aligned curriculum for middle school, with options to adapt lessons from elementary to high school. There are lessons for 16+ class periods. The Solar Science Station has three, 30–40 minute lessons for Grades 2-5 and three 30-40 minutes lessons for Grades 5-8; all lessons aligned with NGSS. Recommended for Elementary and up.

Pack includes:

  • Solar Science Station Kits, 6 Ea
  • Alternative Education Wind, Solar, Hydro & Electricity Labs, 3 Ea
  • PEM Blue Mini Fuel Cells, Set of 5