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From tablets and smartphones to gaming consoles and all the latest gadgets, technology is a big part of students’ lives outside the classroom. Incorporating technology in the classroom provides an engaging way to combine learning with the increasingly tech-centered world. Teachers can use it at the individual student level to allow learning at their own pace and ability. When teaching technology, teachers can also involve small groups or the entire class as students work together to build and program robotic creations.

Students can explore their classroom, gymnasium, or neighborhood while learning about aerodynamics with drones. They can learn how to create three-dimensional drawings on computers and other devices and then watch their creation become reality thanks to a 3D printer. Technology also lets students express their creativity as they display their creative thinking and problem-solving skills through video production.

Key Benefits

  • Teaching students about various forms of technology prepares them for college, careers, and more.  
  • As the world becomes more and more centered on technology, it’s important to ensure students have the tools needed to understand this rapidly evolving field of study. 
  • Real world application: The COVID pandemic demonstrated the importance of technology as many schools moved to hybrid or distance learning. It helped keep teachers and students connected as they continued lessons. Having adequate proficiency in technology, file sharing, and video technology helped the learning continue during uncertain times.  

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