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Ozobot Color Code Magnet Kits

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Students use these fun color-coded magnet kits to make Ozobot follow creative combinations of commands.

Students can code Ozobot to follow creative pathways, change speed, or make special maneuvers with these Ozobot accessories. As students experiment with their Ozobots, they develop logic and problem-solving skills. The easy-to-use magnets serve as a great way to introduce new students to the world of coding. With a durable, long-lasting construction, these magnets can be reused time after time.

To create the perfect lesson plan, start with the Base Kit, then expand the lesson with the Speed or Special Moves kit to add complexity to Ozobot coding. The Base Kit includes 36 magnet tiles (1-3/4” sq), a wet erase marker, and a magnetic board (25-1/4”L x 12”W). Each additional kit contains 18 magnet tiles. Ozobot not included. Recommended for Elementary and up.

Kits include:

  • Base Kit
    • Straight Line Tiles, 16 Ea
    • Round Turn Tiles, 6 Ea
    • 3-Way Intersection Tiles, 3 Ea
    • 4-Way Intersection Tiles, 3 Ea
    • Right at Intersection Tiles, 2 Ea
    • Left at Intersection Tiles, 2 Ea
    • Straight at Intersection Tiles, 2 Ea
    • Start Tile, 1 Ea
    • Exit Tile, 1 Ea
    • Magnetic Board, 1 Ea
    • Wet Erase Marker, 1 Ea
  • Speed Kit
    • Straight Line Tiles, 4 Ea
    • Turbo Tiles, 2 Ea
    • Fast Tiles, 2 Ea
    • Turn Tiles, 2 Ea
    • Cruise Tiles, 2 Ea
    • Slow Tiles, 2 Ea
    • Short Super Slow Tile, 1 Ea
    • Nitro Boost Tile, 1 Ea
    • 4-Way Intersection Tile, 1 Ea
    • Exit Tile, 1 Ea
  • Special Moves Kit
    • Straight Line Tiles, 4 Ea
    • Spin/Tornado Tiles, 2 Ea
    • Zigzag Tiles, 2 Ea
    • U-Turn Tiles, 4 Ea
    • Line Switch Tiles, 3 Ea
    • Turn Tiles, 2 Ea
    • 3-Way Intersection Tile, 1 Ea