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Add excitement to technology lessons with mini humanoid robots and rovers from STEM Supplies!

Robotics kits for schools provide engaging, hands-on opportunities that promote collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving during STEM lessons. The interactive nature of robots allows students to build the bots, program them, and then troubleshoot any errors in their code.

A humanoid robot resembles the shape of a human body and is programmed to behave like a human. They are becoming more visible in society and often play a role in research, industries, the military, and entertainment. Rovers are a type of robot designed specifically to move across a surface.

Key Benefits

  • Combines several elements of STEM into projects as students build, code, and test theories.
  • Provides a tangible, hands-on way to apply theoretical concepts.
  • Promotes communication, cooperation, and teamwork.
  • Real world application: Humanoid robots are used in many areas of society. They serve a vital role in helping with medical research, perform in amusement parks as animatronics, and assist people with daily tasks. Rovers are highly versatile and can be used to perform 3D underground mapping or even explore the surface of Mars!

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