Finch 2.0 Robot Kit

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Inspire all ages of students with a durable Finch 2.0 robot that provides tangible coding results!

The Finch 2.0 robot allows students to write rich, interactive programs and see their code come alive as it drives, talks, and lights up before their eyes. Finch can receive information about its environment with light, temperature, and obstacle sensors and an accelerometer, then react in unique ways using its motors, tri-color LED nose, pen mount, and buzzer! Finch is compatible with numerous coding languages, allowing it to scale indefinitely with users' proficiency. Finch's resilient plastic body also makes it perfect for shared and institutional learning environments.

The Finch Robot meets the needs of students at beginner and advanced coding levels in the same classroom. Pre-readers and English language learners can complete the same assignment with the Finch Robot as advanced coders tackling text-based programming. The difficulty level is inherent to the coding language and there are many to choose from with the Finch. The Finch Robot 2.0 is also a great tool for high school. The Finch is the only robot compatible in standard Java (not JavaScript), which is a requirement in the high school AP Computer Science. The robot has a long battery life (7+hrs) and features a wireless Bluetooth connection.

Individual Kit includes Finch robot, USB cable, online curriculum, and coding software downloads. The included access to digital resources aligns to CSTA, ISTE, and Common Core Standards. Set of 5 includes 5 Individual Kits plus a USB charging hub to charge all 5 robots at once, a carrying case, and 5 makers for use in the robot’s marker holder. Educators Pick Best of STEM® 2023 Award Winner. Recommended for Elementary and up.