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Purchase makerspace supplies at STEM Supplies and create a space that challenges students through hands-on experiments! 

Promote learning through play and experimentation during engaging makerspace activities. However, you may be wondering, what is a makerspace? What are the benefits? A makerspace is a dedicated area in a classroom or school that fosters innovation through   hands-on projects and brings abstract concepts into real-world learning. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of activities and includes materials and tools necessary to design, build, and test their inventions and theories. Students learn to embrace failure, while also learning how to alter creations to make projects even better. The tools and resources found right here at STEM Supplies help teachers set up the ideal makerspace in the area that’s available.

Building kits are a valuable resource in a makerspace as they allow students to experiment with various tools and materials. They can also use a 3D printer to bring creations off paper and into the three-dimensional world. STEAM and STEM sets include essential tools needed to jumpstart learning. Utilize and maximize your space using an assortment of seating, tables, and storage options.

Key Benefits:

  • A makerspace allows students to apply information they learned in class during active learning.  
  • Inspires curiosity and investigation in a controlled and safe environment. 
  • Allows students to work together as they find solutions to problems.

Buy Makerspace kits from STEM Supplies to set up the ultimate makerspace that encourages students to learn through trial and error.