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One-year subscriptions to a multitude of online resources, activities, and professional development regarding Dash robots.

Get access to a large collection of digital resources designed to enhance your students’ experience with Dash robot, while also measuring their progress. Make Wonder subscriptions give teachers access to a standards-aligned lesson library that they can virtually assign to students through their profiles. Students can complete coding challenges and watch instructional videos. They also get access to Virtual Dash, giving students a 1:1 experience as they code and watch the robot respond virtually.

Teachers can easily see who may need more assistance with lessons and who is thriving in real time. With this advanced insight, instructors can choose the right standards-based lessons for each concept and tailor them to every student's proficiency for custom implementation of STEM learning.

Choose from three 12-month subscriptions:

  • Classroom Kit. Ideal for an individual classroom with 1 teacher license and 35 student licenses.
  • Tech Center Kit. A great asset for 1 STEM teacher that teaches multiple classes with 1 teacher license and up to 500 students.
  • School Kit. A whole-school solution with unlimited teacher and student licenses in 1 school building.

Make Wonder is designed for the kid-friendly Blockly coding app on iOS or in a web browser in Chrome. All include access to Make Wonder, Cross-Curricular Lesson Library, Teach Wonder Professional Development, and Exclusive Quarterly Webinars.