STEM Softball Kit

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Learn about the evolution of the ball glove, how to keep score, and the impact of force during STEM softball lessons!

Combine STEM education with real-life skills learned through softball to encourage activity while learning. Kit focuses on 8 learning modules show how science impacts the game as they study the impact of the perfect hit and dynamics of offense using the included gear. Included teacher's manual features lessons for grades 3-5 and 6-8. Instruction aligns with Next Generation Science and Common Core Standards. Manual also sold separately. Accommodates up to 12 students. Educators Pick Best of STEM® 2023 Award Winner. Recommended for Elementary and Middle School.

Complete Pack includes:

  • Softballs, 6 Ea
  • Softball Cut-in-half, 1 Ea
  • Baseball Cut-in-half, 1 Ea
  • Baseball, 1 Ea
  • Radar Gun, 1 Ea
  • Digital Stopwatches, 6 Ea
  • 25'L Tape Measures, 6 Ea
  • Weight Scale, 1 Ea
  • Teacher’s Manual, 1 Ea