STEM in the GYM Simple Machines Kits

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Blend physical and STEM education with complete kits of simple machines in the gym!

Think STEM is just for the classroom? Think again! STEM in the GYM is an innovative program that encourages students to get up and get moving while learning about physics! Blending physical activity with learning leads to higher engagement and better comprehension of lessons. Promote kinesthetic learning using working models of simple machines that reinforce abstract concepts such as force, load, and work with physical and visual representation. Whether harnessing the mechanical advantage of a pulley to reel in a friend or experiencing the splitting power of a wedge between two tumbling mats, students will love the hands-on activities that are possible with STEM in the GYM. Students break out into small groups to take lessons—and simple machines—into their own hands, using teamwork and collaboration to hit home concepts and practice independent learning. Complete packages are ideal for creating a mix of activities for an entire class. Contents lists below.

Complete Packages:

  • Basic Package includes 6 Big Gears Demonstrators, 8 Soft Wedges, 6 Wall Pulley Packages, 6 Wheel and Axle Demonstrators, 8 Seesaw Levers, 6 Screw Hatches, and 1 Teacher Guide.
  • Deluxe Package includes the Basic Package, plus 1 Rainbow Set of 6 Indoor SST Scooters and 3 Rainbow Sets of 6 (12"H) Plastic Cones.