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StabilityStudy Set

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Students rely on coordination and communication as they learn about balance and teamwork!

Students use plastic bars in different lengths and balls in various sizes to test their balance and teamwork skills during stability games. Start by creating two 8'L parallel lines about 3' apart. Divide students into pairs and have them stand at one end of the lines. Give the first pair two plastic bars and a ball, then challenge them to travel along the line as fast as possible while balancing the ball between the bars. Students need to stop, think, and plan on the best way to keep the ball balanced between the bars. Record their time and have the next pair complete the activity with the same gear. Teachers can also adjust the variables and provide bars in different lengths or a ball that's larger or smaller than the first attempt during an additional balance activity. In the process, students learn about stability and the power of balanced and unbalanced forces. They also learn the benefits of the base width. Full contents list below. Recommended for Elementary and up.

The included lesson direction details setup instructions, activities by grade level, learning objectives, and teaching suggestions to expand lessons.

Set includes:

  • Magnus Tube Bars
    • 32"L x 0.84" OD, 1 Ea
    • 32"L x 1.66" OD, 1 Ea
    • 48"L x 0.84" OD, 2 Ea
    • 48"L x 1.66" OD, 2 Ea
  • Balance Beam (94"L x 4-1/2"W x 4"H, 12 lb), 1 Ea
  • SofTee Softball (12"), 1 Ea
  • Playground Ball (8.5" dia), 1 Ea
  • Balance Ball (45 cm dia), 1 Ea
  • Vinyl Floor Tape (180'L x 1"W), 1 Roll
  • Lesson Direction