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SolarStudy Set

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Unit:  Set

Engaging activities keep students active while discovering facts about our solar system!

Create a scaled down version of the solar system while learning about the planets in it and the distance between them. Students start by identifying each of the 8 planets by their size and discussing the features of each. Then it’s time to get up and get moving! In a gym, long hallway, or outdoor space, students set up a course by arranging the poly spots in the solar system kit according to predetermined dimensions in the provided lesson direction. Choose from a shorter or longer course depending on the available space. Have one student stand at each planet. Using a stopwatch, time how long it takes the student to walk from the farthest planet to the next closest planet. The second student walks to the next planet, and so on, until the final student reaches the Sun. Through the process, students discover how distance from the Sun plays a role in the size of each planet's orbit. Add more activity by having students skip or run, or create a relay race. Students can also discuss the role of gravity, what causes other objects to orbit a planet, and calculate the velocity of orbiting planets. Lesson direction includes instruction that's adaptable to students in grades K-4 and 5-8. Set includes 10 poly spots (8 planets, 1 sun, 1 moon), 2 stopwatches, a tape measure, and lesson direction. Recommended for Elementary and up.