Ready, Set, Drone! Pack

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Become the pilot of a mini drone indoors to learn about robotics and real-world uses!

Now in its second edition with the latest and easiest-to-use mini-drone technology and new video content for the youngest pilots-in-training! Explore drone technology with a comprehensive introductory course that gets students airborne. Students learn drone safety procedures, hone basic piloting and photography skills, engage with drone physics, and delve into the real-world applications of the technology. Ready, Set, Drone! curriculum includes a spiral-bound educator guide, access to Droneology Jr, drone diagram posters, printed student pages, and science notebook resources. The online Droneology Jr course teaches students about flight safety, piloting skills, and drone regulations. Pack includes 6 programmable quadcopters, 12 batteries, 4 battery chargers, extra propellers and guards, 50 online course licenses, storage, safety glasses, and nearly 4,000 colored BrickLAB bricks for engineering challenges. Recommended for Upper Elementary and up.

Pack includes:

  • Quadcopters, 6 Ea
  • BrickLAB Colored Bricks, Set of 4,000
  • Colored Pencils, 12 Packs
  • Composition Notebooks, 30 Ea
  • Online Course Licenses, 50 Ea
  • Extra Prop Guards, 6 Ea
  • Extra Propellers, Set of 24
  • Flight Team Lanyards, 30 Ea
  • LiPo Batteries, 12 Ea
  • LiPo Battery Multi-Charger, 4 Ea
  • LiPo Safe Storage Bag, 1 Ea
  • Pencils, 36 Ea
  • Safety Glasses, 30 Ea
  • Scissors, 12 Ea
  • Storage Tubs, 3 Ea
  • Tape, 12 Ea
  • USB Charging Cables, 6 Ea
  • USB Multi-Port Wall Charger, 1 Ea

Click here to download a sample of the NGSS-aligned curriculum manual.