Ready, Set, Drone! First Edition Pack

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Become the pilot of a mini drone indoors to learn about robotics and real-world uses!

Find out what it's like to fly a drone during a comprehensive, introductory robotics course. These assembled drones are smaller than standard options, making them ideal for flying inside a gymnasium. Students work in teams to create a flight path and obstacles to fly the drones through. Radio controllers are easy to use and feature a monitor, allowing students to see what the drone sees. An online course teaches students about flight safety, piloting skills, and drone rules. Pack includes 5 quadcopters and controllers, 100 extra propellers, 50 online course licenses, and over 4,000 colored BrickLAB bricks to create obstacles. 28 AA rechargeable batteries and battery charger included. Recommended for Elementary and up.

Pack includes:

  • Quadcopters, 5 Ea
  • Radio controllers, 5 Ea
  • BrickLAB Colored Bricks, Set of 6,000
  • AA Rechargeable Batteries, 28 Ea
  • 8-bay Battery Charger, 1 Ea
  • Extra LiPo Batteries, 12 Ea
  • Extra Propellers, Set of 100
  • LiPo battery multi-charger, 3 Ea
  • Online Course Licenses, 50 Ea
  • Storage Tubs, 10 Ea
  • Curriculum, 1 Ea