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PolyPieces Foam Shapes Set

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Create 3D foam shapes using polygons to practice tangible math skills!

Students engage in fun geometry activities while studying the characteristics of 2D polygons and 3D polyhedrons that pervade their everyday lives. They'll identify polygons, discover the five platonic solids—tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron—and manipulate polyhedrons in tangible space during hands-on experiments. Divide the class into small groups and provide each team with a set of shapes. Students collaborate to ask and answer questions about each shape then combine them into an assigned platonic solid. Older students take part in advanced lessons like identifying faces, vertices, and edges, making calculations based on specific shapes, and answering questions about Euler's iconic formula. Set includes assorted shapes and lesson direction that is adaptable for grades K-4 and 5-8. The included lesson direction details setup instructions, activities by grade level, learning objectives, and teaching suggestions to expand lessons. Full contents list below. Recommended for Elementary and up.

Set includes:

  • Triangles, 20 Ea
  • Squares, 6 Ea
  • Pentagons, 12 Ea
  • Hexagons, 20 Ea
  • Hook-and-loop fastener straps (5"L), 50 Ea
  • hook-and-loop fastener straps (4"L), 50 Ea
  • Lesson Direction