Play Impossible Gameball Sensor Ball

Unit:  Ea
Level up your understanding of sports physics with a smart ball packed with exciting games and revealing stats.

Students learn about abstract sports physics concepts like force, motion, trajectory, and acceleration through tangible games and experiments with this smart ball. Simply connect it to a Bluetooth device (no Wi-Fi required!) and start tossing to record precise airtime, height, speed, or catch force. Then export session data to a spreadsheet to analyze ball physics in detail.

Take it to the next level by integrating challenging experiments into math and physics lesson plans. Connect the ball to Excel's Data Streamer for a digital twist on the egg toss, turning the physics lab favorite into a real-time graphed experiment without the mess! Students will learn to make strategic decisions and calculate risk while discovering the physics behind Newton's second law.

Includes durable composite Gameball (5" dia), rapid charger (20 second charge for 1 hour of play), quickstart guide, and 2 AA batteries. Recommended for Elementary and up.