Owlet Glow Set

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This hands-on manipulative brings abstract math concepts to life with the turn of a dial!

The interactive design of this lighted math tool allows students to problem solve and visualize their work with a variety of math operations and fraction activities. Students turn two knobs to control the LED lights on the 12 x 12 matrix and watch the numbers on the app change in response. Using manipulatives in math provide a hands-on learning experience, and when paired with the Glow apps, students receive real-time feedback to quickly progress through the levels or receive extra support.

Over 35 levels across three apps allow for easy progression and appropriate content by age group and ability. All data is tracked for teachers to monitor each student’s progress. A teacher’s guide includes scripts, prompts, and discussion questions.

The Glow’s three apps:

  • GlowGrid: Students model addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • GlowPix: Students write math equations to create pictures
  • Fractions: Students model fractions

Individual includes 1 LED board (5-1/2”W x 8-1/2”H x 2”D), 1 USB charging cable, 5 overlays for the LED board, and access to the printable teacher’s guide. Group Set includes 6 LED boards and cables. A spiral bound version of the Teacher’s Guide is sold separately. Each Glow requires a tablet, Chromebook, or Mac (not included). Recommended for Elementary.