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My STEM Supplies Deluxe Circuit Pack

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Electrify learning with this Circuits Deluxe Pack!

Ideal for teaching students in person or virtually, these kits provide them with the perfect supplies for an exploration of circuits. Each student has his/her own backpack of circuit supplies, reducing sharing and keeping students safe as they learn about electricity.

Not sure where to begin with instruction? This pack also includes lesson cards teaching students how to build a Bristlebot, a Solar Bug, and a Maker Tape Guide outlining more circuit possibilities! Recommended for Elementary and Middle School for in-person, distance, or hybrid learning.

Pack includes:

  • Bristlebot Kit, 1 Ea
  • Solar Bug Kit, 1 Ea
  • LEDs, Set of 8 (2 Ea red, blue, green, and white)
  • Blinking LEDs, Red, 2 Ea
  • Maker Tape, 16'L, 2 Ea
  • Binder Clips, 2 Ea
  • Self-Sticking Motor, 2 Ea
  • CR2032 Batteries, 5 Ea
  • Resistors, 4 Ea
  • Light Detecting Resistor, 1 Ea
  • 1 Transistor, 1 Ea
  • Lesson Cards, 1 Set