Measuring Geometry Set

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All the tools students need for data collection and measurement!

This all-inclusive set has everything students and teachers need for lessons about measurement. It includes a geometry set for each student, giving them access to their own ruler, protractor, compass, and triangles. They can store their tools in student carrying bags, making tools safely accessible in the classroom or during distance learning. For teachers, a chalkboard accessory kit provides oversized versions of the student tools, making demonstration and instruction easy. Recommended for Elementary and up.

Pack includes:

  • Student Geometry Sets, Set of 24 (Each set includes 1 Ea 6"L ruler, 45° triangle, 60° triangle, 4"L protractor, and compass)
  • Student Carrying Bags, Set of 24
  • Chalkboard Accessories Set, 1 Ea (Set includes 1 Ea protractor, 45° triangle, 60° triangle, compass with rubber suction cup, 100 cm ruler, T-square with inches and centimeters, magnetic chalkboard protractor)
  • Golf Pencils, Set of 144
  • Dry-Erase Makers, Set of 4