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MathemActive Poly Border

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Students create their own shapes as they learn how to measure perimeter and area!

Each poly piece is a standard 12"L, setting a measurement standard while students create shapes in the classroom. To start, students can lay the border pieces down to determine the distances between objects. Then in a large open space, students can create different shapes and determine those shapes' perimeters, knowing that each border piece is a standard length. From there, determine the area of those shapes by applying the area equations for each unique configuration. To scale these activities to a higher level, challenge students to measure the interior angels of their shapes.

Pieces are best used in a large space like an open classroom or gymnasium. The included lesson direction details setup instructions, activities by grade level, learning objectives, and teaching suggestions to expand lessons. Lesson direction is adaptable for grades K-4 and 5-8. Set includes 20 poly vinyl bumpers. Each blue bumper is 12"L x 3"W x 1/4"H. Storage bag included. Recommended for Elementary and up.